Interview with Ricard Wahl


Source: Ricard Wahl

Interview by Joanna Pietrzyk, Editor for International Cooperation at Fashion Culture Project

Joanna Pietrzyk: What is your background and how fashion design became your major subject of interest?

Ricard Wahl: Fashion has always been a very important way of expressing myself. At first, when I was little, it was just a natural part of my childhood games – always drawing and sewing, making up characters and stories. I didn’t realize that I wanted to be a designer at first, just doing what I enjoyed and sort of inventing this other world in which I could escape to. Later, when I was a teenager I found a sort of replacement for that in the world of fashion. And of course I have always been influenced, inspired and felt encouraged by the fact that my family once was in the clothing industry – they had a brand that focused on women’s ready to wear. Even though it didn’t exist during my lifetime, I have lately realized that it has had a deeper effect on me than I first thought.

J.P. What were the inspirations behind your graduate collection?rikard_wahl

R.W. In my thesis I researched my family’s old clothing label named Wahls, and was inspired by their aesthetics and design philosophy in my own design process. Wahls manufactured sophisticated yet functional and comfortable clothes for the wardrobe of an active woman, with classic pieces that could last over several seasons. But it also had an edge of quirkiness to it, with daring color combinations and bold prints. I wanted to reinterpret the labels most prominent features such as timelessness, simplicity and classical elegance combined with a large dose of playfulness and humor, but with relevance for todays fashion scene. I also wanted to experiment with the more visual and tactile elements by reinterpreting their methods associated with ready-made clothing, in a more hand crafted manner. Garments in tailored jersey, silk and wool framed with metallic foil prints meets hand painted motifs that are both free flowing and graphically distinct.

J.P. Are you working on anything new at the moment? Any interesting collaborations we might see you being involved in soon?

R.W. Besides working on my own profile – such as photographing my collections and working on a website – I’m doing some smaller design projects. I am currently working on a print design project, which hopefully will result in new discoveries within that field. I got a Scholarship that gives access to an amazing print studio here in Stockholm, where I will be screen printing by hand.

J.P. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

R.W. I see myself working within fashion in a way that makes me happy and that enables me to be true to my visions and still meet new challenges, whether I’m designing in my own name or in someone else’s.







Source: Ricard Wahl – Beckmans College of Design