Interview with Lucia Kelly


Interview by Joanna Pietrzyk, Editor for International Cooperation at Fashion Culture Project

Drawn to contours and outlines that celebrate the female form, Lucia’s designs are constantly evolving as she strives finds ways of creating new shapes that will enhance how a woman feels and help her to dress in a way that inspires confidence – indeed, her ultimate aim for her designs is to seduce the observer and empower the wearer.

Joanna Pietrzyk: What made you decide on Fashion?

Lucia Kelly: I was brought up in a family of four brothers so being the only girl, I think I always looked to find something to be able to be more girly at the time and occupy myself, and having always enjoyed to drawing and the arts, I was lucky to find my escape through fashion and designing clothes that I couldn’t have or clothes that I would of liked.

J.P. In few words your experience at LCF

L.K. I met a girl today who was a part of UAL, her experience was being built up to be broken down and unfortunately I have found this opinion in a few people who have studied within the UAL, but I think as a university it states its very independent learning, so I feel like what she said was one side, I feel that LCF has great creative direction and if you can put the work in and commit to what you love, whilst staying true to yourself and your work its a great course to do your thing.



J.P. How did your final project with Inthira came about?

L.K. Rob Phillips the creative director of LCF, saw mine and Inthira’s work, her prints were very similar to my illustrations, my first collection was very graphic and minimal, but organically taking that the idea was to destroy the original idea (which you can see in the black and white image), using similar silhouettes and keeping the concept of hearts, love and heartbreak, which helped create the prints, still keeping the graphics but in an even more abstract destructive approach.



J.P. Your dream collaboration in future?

L.K. In the future, in a ideal world I could collaborate with anyone, I really like Versace so I would love to be able to do something for the Versus collection.

J.P. What are you listening/reading at the moment?

L.K. I just finished reading The Power which is a follow on from The Secret, I like reading light books about anything uplifting, as I am more into visual books, visual books I have been looking into Femme Fatale and Man Ray. My taste in music is really eclectic, so I regularly listen to Kate Bush, I’ve also been listening to a lot of NAS old music.