Erïk Bjerkesjö interviewed by Agata Mayer

28th of August 2014



~ Interview by Agata Mayer ~

Stockholm-hailed Erïk Bjerkesjö is making waves on the design and broadly understood fashion scene. Polimoda graduate Bjerkesjö entered the world of fashion with his own personal footwear concept of post-modern craftsmanship for men. Each pair of shoes is produced entirely by hand.

Bjerkesjö also works with production for tailoring menswear at Acne Studios – a luxury fashion house based in Stockholm, Sweden with own-brand retail stores located around the world.

Agata Mayer: Erïk, last time we had the pleasure to meet each other over 3 months ago in London, now we are meeting in Stockholm, just before your show within Fashion Week Stockholm.

Pros and cons of your stay in London during the 3rd edition of Fashion Culture?

E.B. It was a good experience and I am thankful for presenting my collection during London Fashion Week.

A.M. Do you think that initiatives such as Fashion Culture are important to young fashion designers nowadays, especially when PR and social marketing tools are so easily accessible?

E.B. I think it is important to stay true to yourself, and be able to express yourself with no rules.

A.M. What has been happening since that time? Did the Fashion Culture platform help you in any way or not.

E.B. My platform is growing. For sure with help from Fashion Culture it is growing strongly.

A.M. Tell us something about Acne Studios. Any new projects or collaborations on the horizon?

E.B. Well, I work with production for tailoring menswear at Acne Studios. And my own brand is not collaborating with Acne Studios.
I have made an collaboration with Del Toro and we are presenting our collaboration at Colette in Paris.

A.M. You are well known due to your entirely hand produced shoe line. Why shoes? Where did this idea come from?

E.B. I have a master degree in advanced fashion footwear and I love shoes. So I knew in an early age that I wanted to work with shoes. When I won the prize by Pitti Immagine Uomo as the ‘Who is on Next?’ in 2012 I decided also to make tailoring garments to the shoes and make collections. Everything is made in Italy by hand and for me that is very important.

A.M. If you had a quick chance to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, using the metaphor, whose shoes would that be and why?

E.B. David Lynch, he is my favorite! Everything he touches turns into gold.

A.M. In a minute we will see your second full men’s wear collection for Spring Summer. What can we expect on the catwalk?

E.B. It is a collection with an inspiration based on an aristocratic man who is on his way down to the water to take a swim. The collection is tailored with many details from scuba fabric, and water resistant fabric. Mixed with a tailored sportswear look.

A.M. Please tell us, what lies behind your inspirations. And what does ‘Storm Within’ exactly mean?

E.B. My inspirations come from people I know, films I watch and music I listen to, and Storm Within means the storm we all carry around, and how we deal with every day situations. My inner storm.

A.M. If I am right, you had your birthday yesterday? So happy B-day and good luck in everything.

Erïk Bjerkesjö’s Storm Within SS15 Collection

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Images are credited to Kristian Löwenborg

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Images are credited to Agata Mayer