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Review by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief FAST FASHION IS NOT FREE. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE IS PAYING… I am more than sure you all have heard of the Fashion Revolution Day! Or maybe not… Two years ago, photos of the unimaginable devastation at a clothes factory that collapsed in Bangladesh shocked the entire world. 1133 people died in […]

Scandinavian Minimalism

 Interview by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief Since 1950s Scandinavian style has been associated with highly functional design inspired by nature and the northern climate. In Sweden this ‘Modernistic Spirit’ is called funkis and it transformed into what we today know as Scandinavian Minimalism with all its clean, beautiful, uncluttered, minimal elements and simple lines. I caught up […]

Getting Animal – Getting Warm

Special Review by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief Fashion Weeks came to an end. It’s been a hectic period jam-packed with exciting activities, business meetings and jet lag feeling. The most prominent fashion weeks are held in the four fashion capitals of the world: Milan, Paris, New York and London. But more often, everybody’s eyes are looking […]

The next generation in fashion

Special Review by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief I was invited to the Sneak Peek experimental show organized by the second-year fashion students of Beckmans College of Design. The message was simple: thirteen students presented their individual collections of three outfits each. After crossing the threshold of Beckmans Designhögskola I was surprised by modest but still very […]

Mayla’s show was a highlight of Fashion Week In Stockholm

Special Review by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief Recently, I am intrigued by Mayla’s progress into women’s collection. Marlene Abraham has done an excellent job reanimating the ’60s feeling, doing it in a modern way. I am delighted to see that the mid ’60s and the early ’70s trend we saw this Spring and Summer is continuing […]

Fashion is about more than just pretty heels

Article and design by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief 2014, Washington D.C., The White House – First Lady Michelle Obama brought some of the biggest names in fashion to celebrate their talent during the cocktail party, which was totally off the grid. The main purpose of this event was to bring members of the fashion industry, such […]

Love Them or Loathe Them

Article by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief Beards are having a moment. Quite a long one. For the past few years we have observed a sea of fashion-conscious men who have let their beards grow. How long this trend will last, and what lies behind it, is difficult to say. Men behave according to the influences of […]

Every level of art you want is here!

Special Review by Agata Mayer, Editor-in-chief Art Basel Miami is an orgy of luxurious excess, and it always has been. The perfect setting for an international show rich in cultural diversity, offering visitors a selection of premier works from the entire Americas as well as Europe, Asia, and Africa. The main fair itself is wildly […]